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Vintage Good Life Pennant Flag

Laura Makes

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Vintage Good Life Pennant Flag
Vintage Good Life Pennant Flag
Vintage Good Life Pennant Flag
Vintage Good Life Pennant Flag

This lovely vintage-style pennant flag brightens up any space. A decor piece that adds interest.. with its trendy deep golden brown color, and popping white ink design.  

The intention for this design:

To be a reminder in your favourite cozy space that what those four walls encase, is the good life. Whether that be family, food, sleep, connection, love, you name it... it can be found there. While life isn’t always ‘good’, it requires the ‘lesser’ good, to highlight the good. Let this flag manifest the good in your space. Let it reflect thankfulness for all things good. 

Each flag has been screen printed by hand with an original design.

The design features the text 'the good life' and features a floral bouquet. Printed with white ink onto a rich golden brown color.

These flags are lightweight, and made from sturdy, thick felt. 

Each pennant measures 9” tall, 24” wide, and 29.5” with the tabs included. 

Due to the handmade nature of printing, slight imperfections may occur. Ink can be slightly uneven in coverage, but only adds to the 'vintage-style' charm of this piece.

Iron as needed on LOW, as these are synthetic fibers and can melt if in contact with too high of heat.


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